November 27, 2016: “Consecration: Generosity”

An audio file of the sermon from November 27 is available at this link.cropped-FPC-Icon.png

The Scripture readings are Deuteronomy 16:9-17 and Matthew 25:14-30.

“Jesus was never sentimental about anything, as far as I can see, least of all about money. He knew nothing had more potential to influence your life with God one way or another. Jesus thinks money is good for what it is good for, but it doesn’t make a very good substitute for God. He doesn’t think money is evil, as some teachers did, but it better not be the light that shines at the center of your being, he said. That has to be God, or the darkness will be dark indeed. Jesus says that if you really trust God, you’ll act in a way that shows treasure in heaven is what matters most.”

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