April 16, 2017 – “The Real Jesus: Resurrection”

An audio recording of the sermon for Easter, April 16, 2017 is available for listening or downloading at this link.

The Scripture readings are Jeremiah 31:1-6 and Luke 24:1-35.

A downloadable PDF file of the worship bulletin is at this link.

“The people who found the tomb empty and then later found themselves in Jesus’ presence began to worship him as God immediately. Whatever you may have seen on CNN or read in The DaVinci Code, there was no delay. They saw immediately that this meant Jesus was God and worthy of worship. And unlike people who are making something up, they were prepared to die rather than give up this faith. The life of Jesus had become their lives.

“It can be your life as well. Some people say you have come here today seeking easy answers to hard questions, or a premature comfort in the face of a cold and difficult world. Maybe that’s true. The reality is, though, that in here, inside the life of discipleship to the risen Christ, there are more questions than answers, and the answers we have are rarely easy. Here, with the risen Christ, there is perplexity as well as clarity, and at least as much astonishment as comfort.