This Is Why We Built Revival

Today’s Empty Bowls Project luncheon is the result of a lot of hard work by people who want to make a difference by fighting hunger in this community.

In these pictures you can see a cross-section of this community. The mayor is here, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and the president of Athens State University (wearing an apron, working as a volunteer).

And there is at least one construction worker, quite a few high school and college students, at least one social worker, the Executive Director of Athens Main Street, a couple of folks from Hospice, the manager of a tire store, and some lawyers, to say nothing of the many wonderful restaurant employees and owners. And many amazing volunteers.

That is just what this one person can recognize in these 16 pictures.

They and hundreds of others came together to address the problem of hunger in this city and county. Thank you to everyone who came out. You were part of something special that will make a difference.

For First Presbyterian Church, this is exactly the reason we built Revival: to be a tool for ministry and a place to be part of God’s mission in this community.