Mexico Mission Journal – Day 5

Greetings from Reynosa! We are headed home after a tough work day this morning, but a leisurely late morning and early afternoon. By 9:25, we were finished pouring the roof for Casa #9; we had earlier agreed to pour a foundation, and by 10:20, we had finished pouring the foundation. That gave us about an … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 4

Good afternoon from the “carl line” in Reynosa! I am beginning my journal entry at 2:00, as we wait to pay our toll and cross back over to the States. This afternoon, we have two guests riding back with us: Pearce and Sofia, the two Faith Ministry interns, are joining us tonight for dinner at … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 3

Greetings this afternoon from your Mexico Mission team. We made a decision to move our devotional time to tomorrow, since we stayed late at the worksite to finish a row of block. So it is now 2:15, and we are in line to cross the bridge back into the USA. This morning, it was blessedly … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 2

Hola from the colonias of Reynosa on this very warm summer afternoon. Today, I am writing as we begin our trek home on this first day or working across the border. We were able to complete all the tasks assigned to us, and frequent attendees know that means … rebar! This morning, we had a … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 1

Greetings from your Mexico Mission team in Weslaco, Texas! After two days of driving, we are settled in our “home away from home” at Weslaco FPC, and most of us are already asleep, in anticipation of our first day of work across the border. We are always happy to arrive, especially when our travel has … [Read more…]