Mexico Mission Journal – Friday & Saturday

Unidos, unidos, en su nombre, unidos. Two countries, two languages, one heart. Dear Friends, this will be the last entry in the 2017 Mexico Mission Journal. I am trying to type this as we head out on Interstate 10, having left Baytown early this morning. Because we left our hotel at 6:00 A.M., before the … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Wednesday

Hola, amigos and amigas! We have completed another great day serving the Lord in Reynosa. Yes, it was hot, but today, it was also somewhat cloudy and there was a breeze all morning. What a blessing! Today, we were scheduled to pour the ring and columns. This involves mixing lots of concrete and passing buckets … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Tuesday

Hello from your Mexico Missionaries What a full day we have had today! Our mornings always begin with coffee, (prepared by Doug the night before,) then a great breakfast prepared by the two Diane’s and Charles Bell, (our Weslaco FPC helper,) which is followed by our morning devotional. This morning, we spent part of our … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Monday

Hola, dear friends! We have spent a wonderful day serving others in the colonias today. We are following a slightly different schedule this year. The folks from Faith Ministry have requested that we arrive in the colonias a little later in the morning, so we are having breakfast at 6:00, devotional at 6:35, and departure … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Sunday

The Missionaries arrive in Weslaco

Greetings from your mission team in Weslaco, Texas. Guess what? It is hot in Texas today! The word on the street is that the temperature will reach the 100’s every day we are here. We will surely have some acclimating to do this week. As is our new normal, our day began on Saturday morning … [Read more…]

May 14, 2017 – Children’s Stories: Noah

An audio file of this morning’s sermon is available for listening or downloading at this link. The Scripture readings are Genesis 6-9, and Matthew 24:36-39. A downloadable PDF file of the worship bulletin is available at this link. From the sermon: “This isn’t just a story about God’s judgement against evil. It’s also about God’s … [Read more…]