Church On The Square

The Staff



Senior minister, Rev. David Palmer, and Associate Minister, Rev. Jaina Anderson, resigned as of the first of the year.  We will miss them and our prayers follow them into their new ministries.  

We believe every member has a ministry.  Without an ordained teaching elder on staff, the ministries of our members will come into sharper focus.  We have begun the search for an interim minister and expect that position to be filled very soon.  In the mean time, we continue with our Sunday worship services and guests in the pulpit each week.  We expect these to be wonderful services with familiar liturgy but perhaps unfamiliar voices delivering the Word.  As always, the Holy Spirit never misses a Sunday!

Emily Clem, Worship committee chair




Sandra Mitchel, Administrative Assistant
Duane Counter, Treasurer
Pat Bacon, Director Of Music
Gwen Bacon, Organist
Cynthia Daniel, Sexton
Alice Whitt, Nursery

The Session

Class of 2015
Emily Clem
Julie Mc Neese
Mason Ruf
David Whitten

Class of 2016
Price Boyd
Sharon Hand
John Noel
Kay Sims

Class of 2017
Richard "Buzz" Estes
Christine "Chris" Hilgeman
Don Payne
Jerry Witt

The Board Of Trustees

Class of 2015
Josh Andrews

Class of 2016
Marv Price

Class of 2017
Jonathan Dunwoody