Revival Request Form

Revival building Use Policy

THE PURPOSE OF THE REVIVAL BUILDING IS TO PROJECT THE RELIGIOUS MISSION OF FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH INTO THE COMMUNITY.   Nothing in this policy or in any document or agreement related to the use of First Presbyterian¬† Church 's facilities shall be construed to mean that First Presbyterian Church offers its facilities as a public accommodation. Rather, these facilities are offered for use in the sole discretion of the Session of First Presbyterian Church in furtherance of its religious mission. This policy concerns events not directly related to the ministry of First Presbyterian Church. For events attended primarily by members of the Church and not sponsored by another organization, the same policies that govern the Church 's other facilities apply to Revival.
  1. Revival is available for use by community groups and individuals. A responsible person from the group must complete a Facility Use Request Form and the Session of First Presbyterian Church must give approval prior to the event. The Session meets on the second Tuesday of each month and at other times as needed.
  2. If approval is granted, a responsible person must come to the church office to obtain a key. Keys must be signed out and are to be returned within 48 hours after use of the facility. Normal office hours are Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
  3. There is a fee for use of the Revival facility to help defray utility, maintenance, custodial, and insurance costs. Fees should be paid prior to use.
  4. Church facilities will be used only by the person/organization named and for the purpose and time described in the Facility Use Request Form. This includes confinement to use of:
    1. the rooms or areas requested
    2. the equipment normally located in the areas requested
    3. any special equipment included in the approved request.
  5. Wine and beer may be served at the sole expense and responsibility of the host. No beverage with alcohol content above 20% is permitted. The individual or organization requesting use of the facility shall insure the responsible and reasonable use of alcoholic beverages. Such individual or host is solely responsible for complying with all relevant laws and regulations and agrees to indemnify First Presbyterian Church in connection with any distribution or consumption of alcoholic beverages. In no case may alcoholic beverages be sold, nor may any person be employed or receive gratuities in connection with serving such beverages. Alcohol may not be left unattended in the Revival building or on the premises at any time including prior to or following an event.
  6. Church-planned activities take precedence in reserving space. No access on Sundays prior to 1:00 p.m.
  7. Furnishings and equipment are not to be removed from the premises. This includes playground items and kitchen supplies.
  8. The person requesting use of the facility agrees to:
    1. become responsible for the observance of all policies.
    2. furnish consumable products for serving food.
    3. clean the facilities and equipment used, regardless of whether a caterer is  utilized.
    4. remove and discard waste into outdoor dumpster, even if garbage bag is not full.
    5. restore all furniture and equipment to the arrangement and location where found.
    6. remove or dispose of all leftover food. (Food is not to be left in the refrigerator or on the premises)
    7. secure the facilities prior to departing, including checking and locking all exterior doors, turning off all cooking equipment and all lights.
    8. return the access key to the church office or a church representative within the agreed period.
    9. not permit smoking or use of tobacco products on the premises including outdoor areas.
    10. be aware of evacuation procedures.
    11. pay a refundable key deposit of $100 and a refundable damage deposit of $100. (Such deposits will be returned upon return of the key and successful completion of a damage check by a church representative.)
    12. pay a fee of $250 for entire facility, $150 for main room only, $100 for back classroom, high bay and playground only, $100 for adding an additional day for set-up or decorating.
    13. turn air conditioning/heat off if opening garage doors.
  9. In case of emergency or damage, the requester agrees to contact the appropriate authorities immediately and to report the emergency/damage to the Church as soon as practical. Office: 256-232-0122
Revised 10/9/17; 3/19/18
I have read the "Revival Building Use Policy" and agree to abide by it. I understand that I/we must pay a fee, a key deposit and damage deposit prior to use and further that I/we will be financially obligated far any damage to the building, furnishings, or equipment through the use or abuse of the facility by the people I represent.