Mexico Mission Journal – Final Post

Greetings from home, sweet home, Athens, Alabama! We arrived in Athens on Saturday evening around 7:30 ish after a long day of driving, all done by our expert chauffeur Kayo. Some of you may have already heard that once we unloaded all the Pinson, Miller, and Gregg belongings, Doug took over the driving job to … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 5

Hey, y’all! We have finished our fourth workday in the colonias, and almost all of our assigned tasks have been completed. As Doug said on our way home in the van, “Can y’all believe we finished Thursday already?” This morning, we had our usual breakfast, only today, Colleen and Vicky dined with us, as well … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 4

Greetings from your mission team in Texas and Mexico! We have had an amazing day serving the Lord today, and it all began with a beautiful rainbow or two. This morning, Julie from Weslaco FPC joined us for breakfast, again. We had the usual fare; however, today we had bacon, and it was possibly the … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 3

Buenos tardes, amigos and amigas! We have completed our second day of work in the colonias, and we are home early … and we poured a roof this morning! This morning, Julie from Weslaco FPC joined us for breakfast. (Yesterday, Jennifer joined us!) What a treat it is to connect with our Weslaco friends while … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 2

Hola, good friends! We have completed our first day serving the Lord in the colonias of Reynosa, and while we are a bit dirty and tired, we still had a great Monday. After breakfast this morning, we had our morning devotional, and then it was off to the races! As usual, we had already iced … [Read more…]

Mexico Mission Journal – Day 1

Greetings from your Mexico Mission team in Weslaco, Texas! We have safely arrived and will soon be tucked in safe and sound in our “home away from home,” the Weslaco First Presbyterian Church. Our trip here, via the church bus, was easy for the most part. We departed from Kay-May, where we picked up our … [Read more…]