First Presbyterian Church is committed to sharing the gospel in word and deed with our community and the world.  Local ministries we work with include Limestone County Churches Involved, the Family Resource Center, Habitat for Humanity, Hospice of Limestone County, and many others.  Our foreign ministries include Ministerio de Fe, World Team, Living Waters for the World, and several others.

Foreign Missions

First Presbyterian Church has long been part of foreign missions. One foreign mission we support is Ministerio de Fe, a ministry that puts faith into action along the Mexican/U.S. border. Another foreign mission we support is World Team and Mickey Counter, a missionary that grew up in this church, who works to plant new churches in Brazil. You can look at their blog at The Counter Space

Local Missions

Limestone County Churches Involved (LCCI) – First Presbyterian Church has also long been part of local missions. One example is Limestone County Churches Involved (LCCI), an organization of local churches that have banded together to help people who have emergency needs. This community wide organization is led by lay people and offers assistance such as food, utilities, transportation, and medical expenses.  LCCI is open Monday through Friday from 9-11am.  Their address is 201 North Jefferson Street, Athens, AL and they can be reached by calling 256-262-0671.

Family Resource Center – Another local mission that we’d like to support is the Family Resource Center. The Athens-Limestone County Family Resource Center is the “GO TO” place for information on family resources and social services here in Athens and Limestone County. In supporting the Family Resource Center, we would be supporting families with mentoring on financial, employment, child/parent relationships, housing, and any and all social service issues. They are a non-profit, donor supported, community organization dedicated to improving the quality of family life for all families in our community. Visit them at 406 South Jefferson Street, Athens, Alabama or give them a call at 256-230-0880.